When You Don’t Feel Like It

When You Don’t Feel Like It

We all struggle with mental depression and lethargy. Some days I find it difficult to pray alone because the situation can be overwhelming. A lot of times we just don’t want to do what we know we should be doing. For some reason, God can seem distant and unreachable.

David has had times like this in his life. There are many verses in the Psalms that express his feelings of despair and abandonment.

But the Psalms also give him the key to triumphing in the dark times of his life. Let’s take a quick look at {Psalm 119:89-95}.

“Lord, your word stands in heaven forever. Their faithfulness is passed down from generation to generation. You founded the earth and it stands. They are waiting for your orders today…”

It’s not that my circumstances or my feelings changed God. He is the same God who hung the stars in the sky, led the Israelites across the Red Sea, and fed the 5,000.

“All things are your servants…”

All things, even those that concern me now, are God’s servants. Circumstances, people, and events around me are all under God. They are God’s servants who are destined to help me and bless me spiritually. “If your law had not been my joy, I would have died in my afflictions. I will never forget your commandments because you raised me through your commandments. I am yours, save me, I have searched your commandments, the wicked are waiting for me to destroy me, carefully review your credentials .”

A reminder of God’s faithfulness and dominion over all that touches us empowers us to walk with God even when we are dying to give up. After all, our feelings and circumstances did not change God. He supports us perfectly if we allow it. We simply choose to please and diligently obey God’s commandments (God’s principles and disposition) regardless of our feelings. The decision to enjoy God may not be easy. It can even mean hard work. But only God can revive our souls and save us from spiritual lethargy. The next time you feel exhausted or inadequate, remember that you have options. We can make excuses and self-pity, or we can draw strength from the immutable God.


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