The palace is coming

The palace is coming

Today’s Bible:

Although Joseph recognized his brothers, they did not recognize him. Then he remembered his dreams about them…
(Genesis 42:
8–9, VIN number)

Word of the day:

Years after being sold into slavery by his brothers and imprisoned in an Egyptian prison, Joseph was put in charge of all Egyptian affairs. When his brothers came to the palace to buy food during the famine, you would think Joseph would be bitter and vindictive. But he says he remembers dreams about promises God showed him about them when he was young – not betrayal, hurt, injustice. God used every difficulty to get him where he was supposed to be.

When God gives you a dream, when He places a promise in your heart, it doesn’t mean it will come true without opposition, delay, and adversity. There will be things you won’t understand. You will have many opportunities to become discouraged. In difficult times, you must remember your dreams. God has eyes. He directs your steps. Keep the faith and keep a good attitude. Let God fight your battles. The palace arrives.

A prayer for today:

“Dad, I thank you for my hope and faith in you. Even if I don’t understand my situation, I know that you are working for my good and to achieve my dreams. son. I adore you and declare that you guide me on the way to the palace. In the name of Jesus, Amen”

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