No Excuses

No Excuses

No Excuses

Writing today:

“Listen, the arm of the Lord is too weak to save you, and the ears of the Lord cannot hear your call.” (Isaiah 59:
1, NLT)

Quote of the day:

We’ve all experienced injustice – people misunderstood us, companies fired us, and we got sick. It’s easy to live with a victim mentality, thinking we’re at a disadvantage, not enough, and can’t accomplish much. We can’t love again because the last one hurt us. We can’t be happy because we lost too much. You will be stuck if you accept that you are the victim. Don’t use your experiences as an excuse to feel sorry for yourself, limit yourself, or pursue your dreams.

You have to take the hand dealt to you and make the best of it. What happened to you did not stop your destiny. It may have hurt when someone wronged you and walked away, but it didn’t ruin your life. you don’t have that much power God, with his mighty right hand, has his plan for you. Do your part now and be the winner.

Prayer for today:

“Father, today is a new day and I thank you for bringing something new into my life through your strong right arm. Thank you for giving me. Today I’m looking for a new beginning, instead of making excuses. Amen, in the name of Jesus. ”

Have a victorious Wednesday.

No Excuses

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