Night shift workers

Night shift workers

Night shift workers

Today’s Scripture:
Indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.(Psalm 121:4, NIV)

Quote of the day:

You’ve probably heard the term “night shift” before. Refers to night shift workers. Today’s Bible says that God never sleeps. Not only does he work the night shift, but he also moves things at night. Sometimes you find yourself in the season of the night and you don’t know how the difficulties you face work. do not worry. God specializes in changing things in the dark. God of the night shift will turn you around. There’s a change in your health, there’s a change in your finances, there’s a change in this addiction… I think you’ve had it for years. It looks permanent. No, get ready for the night shift.

God is working the night shift for you now. When I wake up and see what he’s doing, the first thing I say is, “Wow, God, I never thought you’d bring me here!” I never thought I’d be healthy!” God has some great things in your future, so brace yourself.

Prayer for today:

Father, I thank you for being the God who rules my nights. Thank you for working the night shift no matter what. I believe you are turning things in my favour now. In the name of Jesus, Amen. ”


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