It’s not your destiny

It's not your destiny

it’s not your destiny

Writing today:

As for me, I’m mostly asking for help. I am waiting for God to save me. he will listen to me My enemy, do not please me.
(Micah 7:7–8, TLB)

Quote of the day:

In difficult times, it’s easy to feel like the prophet Micah. He gave himself a list of negative things that happened to him – bad breaks, shortfalls, injustices, betrayals. It was very depressing. But in today’s writing, he keeps saying he won’t give up. He may have been devastated but in the midst of difficulty he spoke of victory. he said: God with me is greater than the world against me. I get up. ”

Things may turn against you, but know this:
God didn’t make you beat you. God created you to be victorious. The decline is not your destiny, and defeat is not the end of your story. If we want to meet this challenge, we have to stop talking about failure. Don’t let him hold you down. When you say, “I arise,” the dark forces tremble and the angels begin to work. Get ready to get up!

Prayer for today:

“Father, thank you for calling me to rise in the midst of trouble, to inspire hope, to hope that things will turn in my favour. Thank you for making it. I declare my eyes on you and know that I will rise. In the name of Jesus, Amen.”

Sunday to overcome.

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