Hearts Will Turn

Hearts Will Turn

Hearts Will Turn:

“Take your flocks and herds and be gone; and oh, give me a blessing as you go.”
(Exodus 12:32, TLB)

Word of the day:

When Moses repeatedly told Pharaoh to let God’s servants go, Pharaoh did not listen. He disrespected Moses and paid no attention to him. He rejected Moses as second-rate. What is interesting is that after the last plague, when Pharaoh finally decided to let the Hebrews go, instead of rejecting Moses because he thought it wasn’t good enough, Pharaoh now -recognized the hand of God on Moses. He saw the anointing and felt power come when he asked Moses to bless him!

God knows how to change people. You don’t have to toy with them, try to convince them to like you, or let them control and manipulate you to try to please them. No, walk in your anointing. Run your own race, always honouring God with excellence and integrity. God will make those who oppose you and those who do not respect you the most ask for your blessing. It may take years, but they will realize the favour in your life.

A prayer for today:

“Father, thank you because you will use the difficult people in my life to show your favour and bring glory to your name. Thank you father because you don’t have to mess with me. anyone to get them on my side I believe will turn the hearts of those who are against me for me, in the Name of Jesus, Amen.


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