Greatness Out of Messes

Greatness Out of Messes

Greatness Out of Messes

Today’s Scripture:
God heard the boy crying…(Genesis 21:17, NIV)

Todays Word:

At the age of sixteen, Ishmael discovered himself deserted withinside the desert—confused, rejected, and out of water and food. He become born and raised withinside the dysfunctional dating between his mom and Abraham and Sarah. He becomes paying the rate for the strife and department withinside his own circle of relatives that he become now no longer chargeable for and couldn’t control, handling the results in their bad choices. Sent far from his domestic and approximately to die, this younger man’s cry becomes heard with the aid of using God, who now no longer handiest stored him and his mom however promised to make a terrific kingdom out of Ishmael.

God become displayed to us that He is aware of a way to deliver greatness out of a terrific mess. You may also have had a difficult start, the percentages had been in opposition to you, but, God is looking over you. He is aware of what you did not get. He is aware of who wasn’t for your existence. He is aware of the pain, the betrayal, and the hurt. Call out to Him. He has the plan to make extra from your existence than you ever imagined.

A Prayer for Today:

“Father, thank You that You are looking over me, and You realize what I did not get and who wasn’t there for me. Thank You that You have a plan for a way to cope with the beyond and make me into extra than I’ve ever imagined. I consider that due to the fact You are my Father, I can nevertheless do terrific things. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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