God’s promises to help you weather life’s inevitable storms.

My presence will be with you as you travel over the sea, and I will keep you safe as you make your way through the mighty rivers. You can safely stroll across the fire without fear of injury. Is. 43:2

It’s not a “if” statement, but rather a “when” statement. Indeed, they are inevitable. The outcome is predetermined and cannot be changed. Nevertheless, God assures us in His Word that He is with us no matter what comes our way. Even yet, Daniel was left to confront the lions. Even so, Joseph was sent to jail. Even so, Job ultimately lost all he cared about. The followers of Christ continued to be persecuted. Being a Christian doesn’t guarantee protection from all adversity, but it does ensure the presence of God in our lives.

Listen to the cautionary tales.

Therefore, keep watch, for you know not the day nor the hour in which your Lord comes. Matt. 24:42

God commands us to remain alert in His Word, and to pay attention to the world around us. However, it can be extremely simple to dismiss the caution and carry on anyhow. He was having the arrogant belief that we are superior or that we would be spared. The ability to discern whether to stay and fight or flee when He opens a door of escape is a gift we require His wisdom to fully appreciate.

Make sure you’re ready for everything.

The days are wicked; therefore, watch how you walk, not as the foolish but as the wise, making the most of the time you have. So, avoid folly and learn the Lord’s will. In light of the verses in Ephesians 5:15-17

Life seems to follow rather standard patterns. Often storms come on without much warning. A personal relationship with God is the best approach to ensure one’s spiritual readiness at all times. Make intelligent decisions as you stroll. We need Him constantly, a new infusion of the Holy Spirit, quiet time in His presence via prayer and study of His Word. The better prepared we are “inside,” the better equipped we are to stay strong in Him, no matter what comes our way. Be unyielding in dealing with sin so that our relationships with God and each other remain undisturbed. Maintain intimate relationships with other Christians by attending regular worship services and maintaining strong ties to a local church.

Learn the best places to take cover.

To quote the Psalm: “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” Ps. 46:2

When a storm is approaching, our natural inclination is to seek shelter. No matter how difficult things get or how busy our days become, we always have a safe haven. God is a place of safety, security, and refuge for us. He alone has the ability to cross any body of water with ease. He alone maintains his position as absolute ruler. The only one who can tell the wind to stop when they hear Him say, “Peace, be still” is Him.

A tidal wave of the enemy is about to hit.

The Spirit of the LORD will raise a standard against the enemy “when he comes in like a flood.” Is. 59:19

The adversary will attempt to disrupt our daily life. As a matter of fact, calamity is his favorite. He takes pleasure in seeing us fail. His main objective is to steal, kill, and destroy. When a few bad things happen, it can seem like the whole world is collapsing. Gaining mastery is challenging. We risk experiencing a sense of isolation and rejection. But the Bible assures us that we are never without help. And he won’t abandon us to pick up the shattered parts of these trying times on our own. No matter what we confront, God will battle for us.

The flood is over; God has won.

“The Lord is seated on his throne as king forever; the Lord rules supreme over the waters of destruction. All the people of the Lord, may he strengthen you! “May the Lord grant his people rest and safety. Ps. 29:10-11

An excellent reminder that God is still in control of everything, even the weather and floods; He is not only “pacing the floors of heaven,” but rather “sits enthroned over the flood.” The Lord is in charge, and He will lead us to safety. What worries us, he gets. It’s possible that the “flood” we’re experiencing is not physical water but rather the result of the stresses of the current situation. It’s normal to feel weighed down by the weight of our many challenges and the fear that we can’t possibly overcome them all. Perhaps we’re wading in a sea of pain at this point.

Never think for a second that He isn’t watching over you. He will see us through any difficulty, and He will be with us always. In this, we are not alone. Ever. In the midst of the “flood,” God provides two things. God supplies us with “strength” and “peace” for the sake of His people.

Existence is restored.

It will be the sign of the covenant between myself and the earth that I have set my rainbow in the skies. Gen. 9:13

Hard times do not have the last word over our lives, not even in the face of massive loss and destructive storms. As followers of Christ, we can rest assured that both our physical and spiritual well-being are guarded by our Creator. The winds can be rather strong at times. Possibility of suffering a devastating loss. God, however, is a Savior. He alone has the power to bring good out of what appears to be a complete disaster. And he did it for Job. He helped out Joseph in a crucial way. That’s what he did for Noah. This God still exists, by the way. He has not abandoned His Word or His promises.

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