Finding your way

Finding your way

Finding your way:

“Not one word has failed of all the good promises he gave through his servant Moses.”
(1 Kings 8:56, NIV)

Word of the day:

When he delivered the Israelites from bondage, God showed them their destination, the Promised Land. But in between, God didn’t say, “I promised you, and now you have to be independent. Good luck.” Along the way, God had given them supernatural blessings – separation from the Red Sea, food in the desert, protection from hostile nations. they and we see, “I am not just the God of departures and arrivals. I am the neutral god who will carry you through adversity.

When you’re halfway there, God has given you a promise and you know the destination. But you are on your way. You are raising your child, believing in your healing powers, or running this business. Along the way you will face seemingly impossible situations – the odds are against you, the opposition is stronger, and the report says you will not heal. Be encouraged, knowing that God is in the middle there with you. Keep moving forward, knowing that God is in control.

A prayer for today:

“Father, I thank you for keeping the walls of water in place and keeping my enemies from defeating me. Thank you Father that none of your promises will fail.


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