Today’s Bible:

God brought His people out of Egypt unharmed, full of silver and gold.
(Psalm 105:37.NL)

Word of the day:

After the Israelites were enslaved for hundreds of years in Egypt, God supernaturally brought them out and defeated Pharaoh and their oppressors. It was a day they never dreamed would come. But God didn’t just cast them out, He also gave them back their years of abuse. Exodus 12 says: “God gave the Israelites favour with their oppressors, who gave them gold, silver, and clothing. They left with blessings. God keeps a record of what’s yours – times when you did the right thing but were treated unfairly when you tried your best in a relationship but the other person walked away when you were repeatedly dumped through promotion. Your time has come. What God has for you is always on the way. The joy that should have been yours, the resources, the healing, the good relationships and the victories you missed are still in your future. He’s about to catch up on the harvest you missed.

A prayer for today:

“Father, thank you for keeping a record of all that was supposed to be mine but was lost. I believe and declare that you have restored me to my wholeness and brought me back. out better than ever, that all that I put in your heart shall be accomplished, in the name of Jesus, amen.

Have a busy Wednesday.

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