Celebrate the Good

Celebrate the Good

Celebrate the Good

“But I, with shouts of grateful praise, will sacrifice to you. What I have vowed I will make good. I will say, ‘Salvation comes from the LORD.’”
(Jonah 2:9, NIV)

Word of the day:

In today’s scripture passage, the prophet Jonah tried to run away from God and was eventually swallowed up by a great fish. It was dark and smelly, with no way out into the wilderness. He had reason to complain, but instead, he thanked God that he was still alive. He was not delivered, but at least he was spared. When he thanked God for the partial victory, God worked and plucked this fish back to dry ground. It’s easy to complain about what’s wrong. “My God, the place where I work smells horrible. People don’t treat me well. Get me out of here.” Complaining will only get you stuck. If you want God to turn things around, do like Jonah and find some good things to thank Him for. Thank him for the part. Thank him for bringing you here, thank him for fighting you, thank him for favouring your life. If you continue to celebrate partial victories, God will finish what He started.

A prayer for today:

“Father, I thank You for Your faithfulness, love, and mercy in my life. Thank you for the partial victories You have given me, and I know You are working to save me. results for those victories. I believe that by honouring the good, I will see every promise fulfilled. In the Name of Jesus, Amen.


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